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Aarohi Soni

Aarohi Soni is a young talent in the music industry with amazing vocal skills. She is a flourishing star in the music industry in India. As a rising star, she is the topic of town gossip. She is impacting everyone with her stunning artistic skill at a such early age. If you are here to know about her biography, education, hobbies, passion, upcoming projects and net worth. Then your taste buds will be served with the right taste of knowledge. This article will bring a closer look at Soni’s education, hobbies, family, background, height, income, and journey through the music industry to reach this rising fame.

Early Life, Background and Education

April 2014 is Aarohi’s birthday. She was born in India, Uttar Pradesh, in Ghaziabad.  As of now, she’s 9 years old. She is currently studying in class 4. From a very young age, her father put his all efforts into making her learn music as he was a trained musician, even a good singer. Her father put her into music and dance practice even though she was 4 years old. 

Aarohi Soni Early Life, Background and Education

Aarohi Soni’s Family 

Aarohi is a close-knit individual as she is so close to her family. She has an elder sister who is studying at a well-known institute in the city. She is also studying but now she is a more career-focused person. Her mother’s name is Garvita Soni, she is a homemaker. Her father’s name is Gurave Soni, he is a professional musician by profession and plays keyboards, drums, and harmonium as well. He is a good singer too. 

Career and Music Journey

Her father is a musician and singer so she was put into dance and music practices very early age. As a social media star, she started her career even when she was just 6 years old. Her father started recording her voice and uploading it on YouTube. then she started performing at social events such as local musicals and award events. When it comes to her favourite singers then Jubin Nautiyal and Neha Kakar attract her the most. 

Aarohi Soni Career and Music Journey

Her father used to play the harmonium alongside her during her events most of the time. In 2022 Aarohi gave an audition in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Lil Champs and performed the song “Palki Mein Ho K Sawar” by Alka Yagnik. She sang in the show very fabulously, her voice was so cute during her singing. She impressed the jury as all the judges gave her a standing ovation.  

Physical Appearance of  Soni

Soni’s physical appearance is so fabulous as she possessed brown skin colour, black eyes in addition with black hair. Her height is about 4 feet and 1 inch as she is 9 years old. The cuteness on her face attracted all the jury and judges with the vocal magic in her audition in “Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Lil Champs 2022”. She proved with her talent that real skills and hard work can make you feel proud at any level of your age. 

Rise to Fame on Social Media and Future Plans

As she started her musical journey at a very early age, she then moved to other genres of Indian folk and Bollywood music. Her talent was obviously evident, so she started singing on different platforms in various competitions and events. At the age of 8, she participated in a TV show “Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Lil Champ”. She is listed in the top 10 participants. 

If we talk about her fan following, here you can go to her social media accounts to see how she is mesmerizing people to follow her. Here the links to her social media accounts are given to make you reach her easily.

Facebook Account


Instagram Account


YouTube Link


Further, she started working on other projects. She became a social media sensation with 4k subscribers on youtube within a short time period. She also has a big fan following on her Instagram handle, and Facebook account. Now she is working with multiple music companies to broaden her talent. She is also working on her debut music album.

Aarohi Soni’s Biography



Full Name

Aarohi Soni


9 years as of 2023



Father Name

Gurave Soni

Mother’s Name

Gravita Soni


An elder sister

TV Show Fame

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Lil Champ 2022

Home Town

Ghaziabad, Utter Pradesh, India


4 feet and 1-inch

Skin Tone


Hair Colour


Eye Colour


Father’s Profession

Musician, Singer

Mother’s Profession


Aarohi’s Profession



Colouring, dancing, watching movies, playing games


Aarohi is an influential young singer and a model to all young kids who wants to gain status in society based on their talent. She definitely sings amazingly, but not just singing she loves colouring, dancing, playing games, and watching her favourite movies in her leisure time. She is fond of eating too. She prefers biryani and ice cream when it comes to choosing a food item for herself. 

Personal Life and Net Worth

She is not that open about her personal life. Being a child star she never explains her family life on social media. She didn’t even disclose her elder sister’s name. So we can not expect more from her. But once in her interview, she explained how her family is supportive and encouraging of her career in singing. 

When talking about her net worth, its never been disclosed by her or her family how much earning she is but it is estimated that her annual income crosses $1 million a year. 

Aarohi Soni Personal Life and Net Worth


 As we have gone through the article and have seen that Aarohi Soni is a talented and passionate young singer who has taken the entertainment industry to storm. Her dedication and craft to singing will be an amazing way out for her, we can say for sure. Her passion made her a rising star in the music industry. Aarohi’s journey is an inspiration not just for young kids but for all who want to make it big in the music industry. She is not just a good singer but a confident individual as well. her speaking style impressed all the jury and judges in the “Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Lil Champs 2022”. Then she was just an 8 years old little girl who attained everyone’s attention. Her social media accounts speak well about her confidence level. There you can see how confidently she sings holding the mic in her hands. She also shows her talent to sing on multiple musical instruments in different videos on social media platforms. All the described facts excite us to see her making more progress in her career. 

How old is Aarohi Soni?

Aarohi is 9 years old as it is 2023. She was born in April 2014. 

What is the net worth of Soni?

She has never revealed her net worth publicly. But people estimate it as $1 million per year.

What do her parents do?

 Her father Gurave Soni is a musician and singer while her mother Gurvita Soni is a homemaker.

Has she released her music album?

She is still working on her debut album.

What is inspiring Aarohi to pursue music professionally?

Her family has a deep appreciation for her music love. So it inspires her to adopt it as a profession.

What is her big breakthrough in the music industry?

Her big breakthrough is her performance in the TV show “ Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Lil Champs 2022”.

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