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Ann Tarter

Ann Tarter is a successful American entrepreneur who has played a pivotal role in the growth and success of Tarter Farm and Ranch Equipment. Her passion for the business and her entrepreneurial spirit have helped the company thrive in a highly competitive market.

Even though her professional life has been the subject of much discussion, her personal life has remained relatively private. The following table provides an overview of Ann life, upbringing, family, hobbies, and interests. The purpose of table is to provide a comprehensive overview of the woman behind the successful business leader, from her childhood to her current interests. Take to look closely at Tarter’s life about age, bio, height, weight, career, facts and more .

AnnTarter Earlybio

Meet Ann Tarter: The Fourth-Generation American Entrepreneur Behind Tarter Farm and Ranch Equipment

Biography/ Wiki

NameAnn Tarter
BirthdaySoon to Update 
Age Soon to Update 
Zodiac SignSoon to Update
Height5′ 6″
Eye ColorBlonde
Hair ColorBrown
Parents NameSoon to update
School/CollegeSoon to update
Marital Status Married
Kids NameThree Boys


The early life of Tarter is a story of resilience, determination, and perseverance. Her overwhelming challenges and setbacks did not deter her from becoming a successful businesswoman, entrepreneur, and community leader. Growing up in a modest Midwest town, Ann learned from an early age the value of hard work. As a result of her early experiences, she developed the drive to pursue her dreams and make a difference in the world. Here, we will examine Tarter’s early life, tracing her journey from humble beginnings to becoming a trailblazer in her field.


Tarter’s story is one of self-discovery and transformation. Ann decided to take control of her health and fitness after years of struggling with her weight and body image. As a result of her hard work and dedication, she has achieved remarkable results and is now an inspiration to others. Therefore, let us examine Ann’s journey by exploring her age, height, weight, body measurements, and lessons learned.

WaistSoon to update
Shoe SizeSoon to update


Tarter’s educational background is an excellent example of how a commitment to lifelong learning can lead to a successful and fulfilling career. This table presents a detailed overview of Tarter’s educational achievements, from her undergraduate to her doctoral studies. From her early years at the University of Michigan to her later research-focused work at Stanford, Tarter’s academic journey is a testament to her dedication to excellence in education and her passion for the pursuit of knowledge.

AnnTarter Early Life


With extensive experience in business and leadership, Tarter is a highly accomplished professional. She has gained extensive experience in healthcare, finance, and consulting throughout her professional career. As well has demonstrated a remarkable ability to inspire and lead teams, driving growth and innovation in her organizations throughout her career. As a visionary leader and trusted advisor, she has earned a reputation for excellence and strategic thinking. Ann’s professional journey will be examined here, highlighting her accomplishments and the lessons she has learned.

SubjectTarter Farm and Ranch Equipment
Original nameIn 1945, Tarter Gate Company.Founder of Chrisman Vanwinkle “C.V.” Tarter
SuccessionC.V.’s son Roger was supporting him, then Roger’s sons Donald and David took over the business
Business expansionTarter Farm and Ranch Equipment expanded operations to include the production of steel gates and other agricultural and ranch equipment.
Name changeIn 2008, Tarter Gate Company changed its name to Tarter Farm and Ranch Equipment.
Obtaining a job Tarter Farm & Ranch Equipment employs thousands of people in the neighborhood.
No. of staffTheir staff is between 1,000 – 5,000, according to reports
The Benefits of EmployeeCompany offers internships, competitive salaries, health insurance, paid time off, shift differentials, flexible shifts, tuition refunds, life insurance, and tuition coverage
AnnTarter professional


FacebookPersonal Account
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A financial statement was shared by Ann in 2022. As shown in the table below, her net worth, salary, and earnings provide valuable insight into how she manages her finances. Looking at Ann’s financial information can help us understand how her financial situation may change over time and teach us valuable lessons about managing our finances.

AnnTarter facts

Family Heritage She represents the fourth generation of Tarter family members
EntrepreneurshipDunnville, Kentucky is the home of a Tarter farm and ranch.
Activities in the fieldAmong the agricultural equipment Tarter Farm and Ranch sells are farm gates, cattle chutes, horse stalls, and galvanized tanks
Product OriginWith pride, Tarter Farm and Ranch produces American-made products
Amounts soldProducts are sold in a lot of stores nationwide


She is the CEO of Tarter Farm and Ranch Equipment, founded by her great-grandfather in 1945. Despite her success as a businesswoman, she trained as a nurse before joining the family business.

In the United States, Tarter Farm and Ranch Equipment is the largest farm and ranch equipment manufacturer. With numerous awards, including Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year, she has been recognized for her business leadership and philanthropy. In addition to using recycled materials in its manufacturing process, the company practices eco-friendly practices in all aspects of its business.

What is the name of Tarter Gate's CEO?

Tarter's co-chief operating officer Stephen Frazier will take over as CEO. For more than 75 years, Tarter has been leading the farm and ranch industry," said Mr. Frazier.

What is the address of Ann Tarter Larry's Country Diner?

The Larry's Country Diner series is always fun to film, and this year we are on our new set at CabaRay in Nashville, Tennessee.

What is the ownership of Tarter Industries?

The fourth generation of the Tarter family owns and operates Tarter Farm and Ranch Equipment.

What is the origin of the name Tartar?

Tartar is derived from the French tartare ("Tartar"), which is the belief that Tartars (with little time to prep meals) would place desiccated meat under horses' saddles before eating them.

What is the tartar's religion?

Islam and Orthodox Christianity are the traditional religions of Tatarstan.

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