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Brent Rivera

Brent Rivera is a popular internet personality who made his place on social media platforms. He is a content creator, who belongs to California. His comic skits, engaging videos and charming personality with a brilliant mind, made him a social media sensation. Here in this article, we are going to delve into his life, career, girlfriend, net worth, education, and much more that you never knew before.

Early Life and Education

He was born on 9 January 1998. United States, California, Huntington Beach is his birthplace. His parents, both were working parents. They brought him up very lavishly with his two siblings. He was brought up in southern California and started his schooling there. He carried on his education with his career-oriented determination. 

Brent Rivera early life and Education

Starting the career

As a social media star Brent started uploading videos on Vine App in 2013, consisting of exciting content. It has been over a decade since he started his video-uploading journey. He shares his personal life very brilliantly to amuse his fans. His choice of criteria in his videos made him a heartbeat for his fans. He was just 11 years old while posting videos. He landed many roles in different commercials to pave the way towards his unbeatable success. He was most famous on Vine before the defunctioning of this app. He gained over 8 million followers. Then he appeared in the T.V. show known as  “Alexander I.R.L.” in 2017. Then he started his career very smoothly by participating in “The Stocks Twins” in 2018. He also participated in a reality TV show “Group Chat” in 2020. After establishing himself as a brand in social media, he started his own business in a clothing line. While still, he is determined to work harder and get the highest place in the industry. He signed up with a company named “Full Screen Network” which promotes content creators on different platforms. He also does advertising for Coca-Cola. 

Important timelines in his career

  • It was 2019 when Rivera started uploading videos on Vine. While he was just a ten years old young boy.
  • In 2012 he started his own youtube channel and posted videos on various topics.
  • He released a song in 2014 entitled “Doubt, Your Doubts”.
  • While it was 2017 when he hit the big screen and started his career in movies. “Alexandra I.R.L” added him great value in the industry. 

Social media and content creation

Brent worked very hard for his fan following on Vine. But after its defunct, he turned to YouTube and Instagram. He earned much fame from these platforms for his charming content-creating skills. His fanbase has grown continuously on these platforms as well. He has over 24 Million followers on Instagram. He is a great content creator and he proved it as a co-founder and CEO of Amp Studio, which is a talent incubator and related to content creation which hits the 10 million views each month on social media. Matte Levin is his co-worker who works as a manager as well. 

Rise to fame

Brent rise to fame by posting content on Vine, while when he turned to other social media platforms he covered more milestones. On Vine he uploaded a video titled “How to Sing Like Your Favourite Artist”, and it hit his fans very nicely. He made a difference with his presence in multiple TV shows and created valuable content for his followers. He established Amp Studio in 2020, he released a video entitled “Little Kids Nowadays” in 2022. It also raised a large number of fans for Brent. His charm, beauty, sense of humour, and creativity made him a popular star. 

Brent Rivera rise to fame

Family, girlfriend and personal life

Brent is a close-knit person and attached deeply to his family as we have seen a lot of times in his videos. His siblings and parents are also known as social media personalities and his sister has a large number of followers on her TikTok platform. 

His father’s profession is firefighter and known by name as John Rivera while his mother’s profession is teaching whose name is Laura Rivera. His sister is a social media sensation and her name is Alexa Rivera well known as Lexi Rivera. She also appeared with him in his web series “Brobot” in 2019. 

In past, he was supposed to be in multiple relationships but he never confessed about any relationship publically. But these Pierson Wodzynski is considered his girlfriend who is seen with him in both of their social media content. She is also a successful social media sensation with millions of fan followers. They mostly make videos and funny skits together that can be seen on Pierson’s channel. 

Interesting facts about Brenta

  • He is creating content when he was so young, just ten years old, being so young content creator is not a joke.
  • His fashion sense always wins the heart, surprisingly he won the award for best dressed in 2015 at the M.T.V awards.
  • He loves to eat sushi as he posted many videos while eating sushi.
  • Peanuts don’t suit him as in 2021 he went to the emergency room due to eating peanuts.
  • Wakeboarding is his best activity while spending leisure time.
  • He feels a big crush on Selena Gomez
  • He hadn’t the ability to whistle while folding or rolling his tongue.

Net worth or income

Brent got fame from his vine account named “thebrentrivera” completing his 8 hundred million followers in no time. Then in 2019, he established his youtube channel which contains 26.1 million subscribers along millions of viewers. His net value is considered around 16 million US dollars which is a very high amount for a guy in his 25 years old age. Not just his social media platforms but his appearance in several projects on screen paying him well. 

Brent Rivera Net Worth

Physical appearance 

He has a very charming physical appearance with attractive height and ideal weight. He has a very nice skin tone. He has beautiful black hair colour, brown eyes and an attractive smiling face. He has a height of 5 feet and 11 inches along a weight of 65 kg

Hobbies and passions

Apart from creating content for social media platforms, Brent has several hobbies and passions for his leisure time. He loves to play basketball and is a great fan of Los Angles Lakers. Singing and playing the guitar is also his hobby, as he is seen singing different voice covers of many songs in his videos. 

Philanthropic activities

He is an active philanthropic worker who supports multiple causes. Many times he supported different organizations to raise funds and awareness for charitable causes. 

Awards and achievements

As he has gained significant achievements in the entertainment industry, he won millions of hearts by achieving the best comedian awards. He has also been featured in Forbes 30 under 30 category of entertainment. While he also won an award for best dressed in 2015 by M.T.V awards. 

Future plans and projects

Brent is working on multiple ventures of success. He has a plan to continue the efforts and struggles to pursue his career in acting and has several projects. He appeared on the big screen as his debut in movies and in TV shows as well. As he has established his own clothing line, he is supposed to expand it more and more. 

Brent Rivera future plans

Brent Rivera’s Biography

Complete NameBrent Rivera
Date of Birth9 January 1998
BirthplaceHuntington Beach
Current ResidencyCalifornia
Nick NameBrent
Age25 Years Old as now in 2023
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Known AsTikToker and YouTuber
Name of FatherJohn Rivera
Name of MotherLaura Rivera
Sister NameAlexa Rivera, known as Lexi
Brother NameUpdate soon
Family NameRivera
Weight65 kg
Height5 feet 11Inches
Hair ColourBlack
Eye ColourBrown
Shoe Size12
MeasurementUpdate soon
Girlfriend NamePierson Wodzynski

Social media presence

Being a social media sensation Brent is working very hard to continue gaining fan followers. Social media influencers need to update themselves with the passage of time and their content must be influential on their target audience. 

Instagram22.4 Million Followers
YouTube26.1 Million Subscribers
Facebook5.5 Million Followers
TikTok46.7 Million Followers
Twitter2 Million Followers
Pinterest5.2k Followers

Which is Brent Rivera’s home town?

Brent is from California, Huntington Beach U.S.A.

Which platform did he use to introduce himself on social media?

He used the Vine app to upload videos and gained huge fan followers. Then he started his journey toward YouTube

When did he start his YouTube journey?

He created his YouTube channel in 2009. While he started his journey as a social media influencer when he was just 11. 

What is his age now?

He is 25 years old now in 2023. His birth year was 1998.

What is his net worth?

His net worth is considered around 16 million US dollars.

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