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Charity Witt's FI

Charity Witt is a popular bodybuilder, and weightlifter from Canada and has also appeared on the NBC Network. She is a naturopathic doctor student as well as an athlete. As a weight lifter, Witt is an extremely capable and confident woman. Let Charity’s success story amaze you! By 2022, and it’s no wonder why! She has $20,000 in monthly earnings from her incredible eBooks and bundles and an additional $10,000 per month in product sponsorships from big names like Reebok, Herbstrong, MBSlingshot, and Elivate Nutrition, truly killing it in the game.

We don’t believe it, do we? Please look at her social media accounts on Instagram and Facebook, where she has built a massive following and inspired countless fans. As an entrepreneur with an unstoppable drive and an impressive track record, Witt is one to watch. Check out her Age, Wiki, Biography, Career, Weight, Height, Boyfriend, Facts, Favorite, Social Media Accounts, and more.

“From Cheerleader to Powerlifter: Charity Inspiring Fitness Journey and Million-Dollar Net Worth”

charity Witt's bio wiki

Biography /Wiki

Following are some quick Wiki facts about her:

NameCharity Witt’s
Nick Name None
Date of birthTravelling, Hiking
Place of birthSan Antonio, Texas
Qualification Stanford University
ProfessionWeight lifter
Name of Parentsupdate soon
SiblingsOlder brother Richard and younger sister
Eyes ColorHazel
Hair ColorBlonde
Marital StatusMarried
Zodiac SignTaurus
HobbyTraveling, Hiking
charity witt Early year

Early Life

As we explore the early years of Witt, we gain a deeper understanding of her remarkable life. Born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, USA, Charity’s upbringing was heavily influenced by her musically trained Canadian violinist mother. After meeting her father in Durango, Colorado, the couple fell in love and had three children, with Charity being the middle child between her older brother Richard and younger sister. Despite the family’s love, there were difficulties in their marriage. Charity and her siblings spent much of their time outdoors to escape conflicts. Nevertheless, Charity’s mother’s resilience during tough times and her father’s love significantly impacted her life.

charity Witt's body Measurements

Age, Height, & Body Measurements

Weight75 kg
Breast 35
charity witt's eduction


Charity’s success stems from triumphing over a traumatic past to become a beacon of hope and inspiration for others. Despite feeling like an outcast during her school years, Charity excelled academically and set her sights on a brighter future. However, a horrific incident threatened to derail her success. She was drugged and raped, but the perpetrator remains unknown. Despite the trauma, she refused to let it define her and continued to excel in her studies. Although not interested in athletics, Charity found her calling in fitness.

Prepare to be inspired by Charity’s remarkable academic journey! From being an introverted student who struggled to fit in, she became a successful scholar who excelled academically. Her dedication to education has led her to achieve an impressive list of degrees, each building on the last to create a lasting legacy of achievement.

Year InstitutionDegreeInstitution
2010XYZ B.AMath’s
2012Harvard UniversityM.AComputer Science
2017Stanford UniversityPh.D.AI (artificial intelligence)

Charity educational journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. Her focus and dedication have allowed her to attain the highest levels of academic achievement, and her story inspires us all.

Charity determination and resilience are a testament to the power of the human spirit. She has overcome incredible adversity to become a role model and mentor for those striving to achieve their dreams.

charity witts personal life


Personal Life

The personal life of a charity is filled with challenges and struggles. During her teenage years, she was trapped in an abusive relationship, which left her struggling with mental health problems. As a result of overdosing on cough medicine, she attempted suicide and fled to Canada.

Starting as a bed and breakfast at a wedding venue, she went on to become an event planner. There was little pay, but free housing was provided as part of the job. Her dedication, work, and determination earned her a promotion to manager within a year. A heart attack occurred at work, however, and tragedy struck.

Charity remained determined despite the setback. A powerlifter and Georgia’s Strongest Man champion, Landon Jameson, caught her attention in 2015. Her first lifting competition was helped by him. They were previously married, it is believed.

As of now, Charity is dating Matt Kafora, the owner of Orangetheory Fitness and K9 Games Dog & Puppy Training. Gyms are located in Arizona. Instagram is a place where the couple shares outdoor adventures, such as hiking.

charity witt's professional


A professional athlete, Charity, has conquered the world of powerlifting and strongwoman competitions. Her journey to the top was not without challenges, including a heart arrhythmia diagnosis that intensified her passion for athletics. She turned to swimming to manage her pulse rate; however, after lifting an impressive 275 pounds on her first attempt, she fell in love with powerlifting. Despite criticisms from her family, she pursued her passion for powerlifting and set records in the American Powerlifting Committee (APC) and International Powerlifting League (IPL). She later transitioned to strongwoman competitions and even won NBC’s Titan Games, earning a $100,000 prize which she used to start her training centre. A fitness instructor named Charity offers ebooks, meal plans, and access to a private community to help others achieve their fitness goals.

Charity witts acheivement


As a weightlifter and strongwoman, Charity has won many competitions. She has set several world records in her weight class and won numerous first-place awards. Squatting, deadlifting, and bench pressing records were set by her in 2015 during the Best Lifting competition. She also won the overall best lifter award in APC history, becoming the first woman to do so. Deadlifting and squatting were two new world records she broke at the APC Nationals. Her deadlifting, squatting, and total weight lifted world records were surpassed after she tore her hamstring in the IPL. At the Lee Haney Games in 2016, she took home first place in her first strongwoman competition and qualified for the USS and NAS nationals. The women’s open weight class of the USPA Iron Coast Classic won her 181.88 pounds. In addition, Charity won $100,000 in NBC’s Titan Games competition.


The Troubled Past of Witt

A major heart attack and an abusive relationship are just some of the troubles Witt has faced. Her teenage years were filled with violence and sadness, and she overdosed on cough medicine. Her goal was to start over in Canada after she committed herself to help. Despite many challenges, Charity’s hard work and determination enabled her to become a manager at a bed and breakfast within a year. Her journey was unfortunately interrupted when she suffered a heart attack and collapsed in front of her employer.

Charity witts favourite


Following are some of her favorite things:

FoodConsuming sufficient carbohydrates and protein.
Color Blue,
Sport Titan Games l
ActorJames Jean-Louis
HobbyHiking and travelling.
charity Witt's net worth

Net Worth, Salary & Earnings 

Witt is a popular fitness influencer with a huge following on social media. She is expected to earn approximately $1.5 million in 2022 due to her net worth, salary, and earning potential. Having achieved this level of success, she has been able to do so by combining her savvy business skills with a large following on social media. The charity earns money through various sources, including ebooks and bundles that generate approximately $20,000. Sponsorships and partnerships with well-known brands, including Reebok, Herbstrong, MBSlingshot, and Boost Nutrition, generate a monthly income of $10,000. Due to her success, she has become a force to be reckoned with on social media.

Social Media Accounts

Following are the social media accounts with followers:

Instagram313 k followers
TwitterFake Account
Web None
Facebook225K followers
charity witt Facts

9 Fascinating Facts About Charity, the Phenomenal Fitness Athlete and Social Media Star

  • Charity is a former powerlifter turned fitness athlete who has amassed a massive social media following with her inspiring workouts and motivational messages.
  •  Despite facing numerous challenges, including a career-ending injury and losing her father, Witt persevered and became a true powerhouse in the fitness world.
  •  Witt’s impressive athletic achievements include being a World Champion in powerlifting, setting multiple world records, and competing in CrossFit and other high-level fitness competitions.
  •  Beyond her physical prowess, Witt is also a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach who has helped countless individuals achieve their fitness goals.
  • Witt strongly advocates for mental health and regularly shares her struggles with anxiety and depression, using her platform to promote awareness and DE stigmatization.
  • In addition to her fitness pursuits, Witt is also a skilled musician and has released several albums of original music.
  • Witt is a dedicated philanthropist and has worked with numerous charities, including St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and the Special Olympics.
  • Despite her busy schedule, Witt remains deeply connected to her fans and regularly engages with them through social media, sharing insights into her training, nutrition, and personal life.
  • With her unstoppable drive and infectious positivity, She is a force to be reckoned with and an inspiration to all who strive to achieve greatness in their lives.

What is Charity Witt's source of income?

Promotion of products as a fitness trainer

What is the name of Witt's boyfriend?

Landon Jameson

As a fitness trainer, how much does Charity earn?


How does Witt's record compare to other candidates?

During her first powerlifting competition, Charity set two American records (deadlift 345 lbs and bench press 170 lbs), and became the first woman in APC history to receive overall best lifter in competition.

What is the reason for Witt's retirement?

After Witt became aware of her heart condition, she made a commitment to her own health and excelled as a result. After taping "Titan Games", she injured her hamstring during a lifting competition and decided to retire from powerlifting.

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