Mahesh bhatt refuse to work with her own daughter Alia Bhatt in karan johar’s upcoming movie

Saba Haroon

Let’s take a brief look at the plot of the film, Rocki and Rani ki Prem Khani is a cliched and predictable story of two lovers who belong to different backgrounds and face family opposition.

Rocky belongs to a Punjabi flamboyant family, while Rani is a Bengali girl who belongs to a traditional and conservative background.

They met at a wedding and fell in love. Their love story faces many obstacles as they try to convince their family to accept their relationship.

Along the way, they also discover secrets, stories, struggles, sacrifices, and the love of their grandparents.

On the other hand, Rocky and Rani is a delightful film but also suffers from some flaws such as a weak plot, an uneven pace, forced humor, and melodrama. The netizens troll that it is a typical Karan Johar’s film that offers nothing new and original.

The foregoing film heavily relies on star power of Ranveer Singh, Alia Bhatt, Jaya Bachan, Dharmendra and Shabana Azmi, who tries their best to infuse life into the dull script. It drags with its lengthy runtime, repetitive scenes, boring songs, and over-the-top drama.

Yet, there is one actor who offers a role in the film. Kuch Kuch Hota Ha mastermind Karan Johar approached him, but he turned it down.

According to sources, Alia’s father, Mahesh Bhat, politely declined the role of Rawan, citing personal issues. Rawan is the antagonist of the film.

A source close to renowned Filmmaker Mahesh Bhat revealed,

“Mahesh Bhat is very proud of Alia and her achievements, but he felt uncomfortable. He said no because he did not want to play a negative character opposite his daughter on screen. He felt it would be awkward for him and Alia too.

The source added that the Gym of Bollywood’s Mahesh Bhat has some health issues, so he prefers to focus on his writing and directing projects. 

Indian Filmmaker KJo is reportedly disappointed by the refusal but respects his decision. Television Personality KJo then approached another actor, whose name has not been revealed yet.

Besides, It also has Tota Roy Ch, Ronit Roy, Sasswata Chatterjee, Karamveer Ch, and Arjun Bijlani in supporting roles.

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