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Standing out from the crowd and making a mark in today’s world is no easy task. However, Vic deAngelis is taking on the challenge head-on. She has worked tirelessly throughout her life to become an extraordinary individual. Herein, we’ll look at her journey and the steps she’s taken to become the remarkable woman she is today. We will explore the accomplishments Victoria has made in her career and how she inspires others to follow her lead.

Victoria de Angelis’ journey from ordinary to extraordinary

Victoria De Angelis biography wiki

Biography / WIKI

Following are some quick Wiki facts about De Angelis.

 Name Victoria de Angelis (Vic Deangelis)
City of BirthRome, Italy
Date Of Birth28 April, 2000
Sign of ZodiacTaurus
Age23 years as of 2023
Height5′ 4″
Weight51 Kg 
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorBrownish
Parents and siblings28 April 2000
Basic SchoolScuola Media Gianicolo
Victoria De Angelis Early life

Early Life

She was born in Rome, Italy. From an early age, Victoria developed a passion for music. Having grown up in a family that valued creativity and self-expression, she began playing the bass guitar at the age of 11. The more she honed her skills and developed a passion for music, the more determined Victoria became to pursue a career in the music industry. She attended the Music Academy International in France in order to further her education and enhance her musical abilities. There, she studied under some of the world’s most renowned bassists.

Career Information

Last Updated: April 2023 

Formation of Maneskin

In an interview with “The Guardian” on Jan 21, 2023 Vic DeAngelis expressed her sentiments for their formation as : When we busked or played at school parties, we were always viewed as freaks. There are too many people who are so narrow-minded that they think Eurovision is bad if we participate. It is not possible for them to listen to our songs objectively and judge them based on what they perceive.

Are these words truly coming from the mouth of one of the world’s most renowned bassists? As a matter of fact, her life journey has been one of the remarkable achievements in the face of adversity. The purpose of this article is to provide an in-depth analysis of her story. 

victoria dee angelis career

Career facts

After joining Måneskin, and has since become an integral part of their success. Victoria is now one of Italy’s most renowned bassists. Victoria has been praised for her skilful playing style, having mastered several genres and styles of music. She has also been recognized for her ability to create a unique sound and take the band to new heights. Her presence in the award-winning band has solidified her reputation as one of the most talented bassists in Italy. A brief table has been provided here for further information regarding her career facts. 

Victoria early music careerAs a member of the band Maneskin, she made her first appearance on X-Factor season (2017)
Victoria debut album“Chosen,” Maneskin’s debut album, was released on 24th November 2017
Victoria international successThe song “Zitti e buoni” by Maneskin won the Eurovision Song Contest (2021) and gained worldwide recognition
Victoria’ solo performancesHer solo performances and appearances in clubs have been numerous
Victoria musical skillsShe is a bassist, vocalist, and instrumentalist, and plays lead bass in Maneskin
Victoria other rolesBesides being an influencer on social media, she is also an entrepreneur

Victoria has been an integral part of the success of Måneskin, playing a major role in the band’s sound and helping to write many of their songs. It has been her signature bass sound that has helped the band achieve international success and become one of the most popular rock acts in the country.

Furthermore, she has collaborated on some of the band’s most beloved songs as part of their songwriting process. 

It is the usual opinion of her fans that by adding a layer of energy and emotion to the band’s music, her bass playing has been an integral part of their sound. Her distinctive playing style and strong stage presence have earned her a loyal following around the world. With Måneskin’s recent success on the international stage, Victoria’s role as the backbone of the band’s sound has become more evident, and her contributions cannot be overstated.

Victoria De Angelis networth

Net Worth and Earnings

What is the net worth of Vic De Angelis? Approximately $5 million is estimated to be Vic de Angelis’ net worth. She earns most of her income from music. Victoria has performed both in bars and at concerts.

victoria De Angelis persoal life

Personal Life 

Vic DeAngelis previous relationshipShe was in a relationship with SMOSI9
Vic DeAngelis’ Instagram postsShe posted several romantic images with SMOSI9
Vic DeAngelis current relationshipShe appears to be having an affair with Damiano David, a member of the band Måneskin
Vic DeAngelis’ interest in musicShe constantly seeks new musical elements

Do you know about the controversy surrounding the Italian ensemble’s alleged cocaine use?

Vic. said, “We don’t use drugs or cocaine.”

It appears that Damiano was caught on camera gesturing towards the table at the wrong time during the video, which constitutes the majority of the evidence. The movement turned out to be an innocent, random movement unrelated to drugs. Drugs could explain their gregarious stage behaviour, but this is just the band’s right to express themselves. A number of these opinions can be attributed to the band’s general pop and punk influences. 

Although Damiano’s joke in the final was rather funny.  He advises fellow musicians as follows: ” Have fun, but do not get too close to the table.” 

Victoria De Angelis Controversies


  • Her disbelief at the hypocrisy people had over nudity when it was about women was evident in her discussion of censorship with NME last year. A bandmate of hers, singer Damiano David, appeared semi-nude on stage and was not censored.
  • A discussion of nudity, hypocrisy and censorship by De Angelis: It is sad, but it is a good thing that people are discussing and reflecting on it. There is no reason for so much censorship and control to be placed on people’s bodies.
  • In reality, it has nothing to do with going semi-nude at the end. Rather, it focuses on the myth of rock and roll, and how it allows people to express themselves freely, pushing boundaries as they see fit.


Since the band’s name is derived from the Danish word for moonlight (De Angelis is half-Danish), it gained similar reactions in Rome for its style, which often included makeup on everyone. 

Victoria De Angelis POPULARITY


It is understandable that some music purists take offence to the band’s success given that both of their singles have reached the top 10 in the UK, they have received over 4 billion streams, they have undertaken multiple world tours, and they have collaborated with Iggy Pop.


The lines getting attention are:  Rock music, as a whole, does not conform to what society would like us to be. The key to being yourself is to ignore those rules that have been invented. The definition of real rock music doesn’t refer to stereotypes such as rock ‘n’ roll lifestyles, drugs, or sex. It refers to expression.

The Guardian: 21 January 2023



Following are her social media accounts with followers:

Instagram4 M followers
FacebookFake Accounts, Original Account Updated soon
Twitter37.1K followers

FAQ title

FAQ description

Is Victoria De Angelis Italian?

Victoria de Angelis was born in Rome on the 28th of April 2000, to an Italian Father and Danish Mother  

What does Il Ballo della Vita tattoo mean?

The text 'IL BALLO DELLA VITA' across his collarbones, translating to 'the dance of life'.

Is Måneskin a one hit wonder?

Italian rock band Maneskin could face a similar roadblock. But thankfully for them, they can only be considered one-hit wonders in the United States; they have multiple songs with over 300 millions streams globally on Spotify.

Why is Måneskin so popular?

Performing in the streets in its early days, it rose to prominence after finishing second in the eleventh season of the Italian version of X Factor in 2017. Its international breakthrough occurred when the foursome won the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 for Italy with the song "Zitti e buoni"

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